You’re not alone
it’s hard as hell
but don’t waste no time
feeling sorry for self
we’ll be right here with you
through your war
cause you’re the one
that we make this music for
now turn it up

Atmosphere (via fadedperceptions1)


so instead i’mma finish my drink and have another while you think about how you used to be my lover.

Wanna make her smile? Wanna make her laugh? Wanna make up for the mistakes in the past? Wanna act like he doesn’t know better. If payback’s a bitch he’ll be in debt forever.
Slug (via taliboo93)
Why would you chase away the sun, if you don’t want the rain?
Slugs (via eatingbacon7)
Hold on to me, grow along with me,
I dont know where I’m going but I’ll end up in your arms

Slug (via eatingbacon7)
And as much as I love her, neither one of us should suffer
So I’ma glue her wings back on and watch her flutter

Slug (via eatingbacon7)